ASMR 4K (for Kontakt 5)

  • ASMR 4K is a collection of multisampled Bells, Keys and Pads oriented to Lo-Fi sounds, with tiny closeup noises (ASMR triggers), tonal Atmospheres, ambient synth Phrases, reverbered Metals and Field Recordings.

  • After five years of ever-evolving atmospheres and fields, Soundethers releases its first collection with pure melodic, harmonic instruments.

  • Delicate gritty sounds, slowly evolving tails, solitary, gentle keys and bells, lush pads, organic vinyl-like crackles, layered analog synths, randomly played metals, deep soundscapes, all made with the modern narrative composition demands in mind.


  • 120+ sounds, instruments and multis

  • Three Folders:

  • 1) Atmospheric: Pads, Synth Phrases, Atmospheres, Bells (nki-nkm)

  • 2) Fields and Triggers: field Recordings, ASMR Triggers, Metals, Noises

  • 3) Multisampled: Bells, Keys, Pads, Bass (nki-nkm)

  • 450+ samples in .ncw Kontakt format

  • 1.9 Gb uncompressed

  • For Kontakt 5 (latest update) Full Version ONLY

  • We do not use any copy protections, since we do not believe any watermarks or serial numbers can stop pirates that want to kill our libraries. We are a small company and we live of this work, so... WE SIMPLY TRUST YOU.





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