Animated textures, keys, pads, beats and field recordings.

A world of moving and evolving textures, narrative instruments for ambient, subtle cinematic,  soundtracks, chillout, glitch, IDM and more.


Special Field Recording folder with nature and mechanical environments.
All textures and synths are designed from multi layered sources (up to six samples), searching for musical evolving sounds, carefully tuned to give you the best playability.



Designed with care on a per-patch basis, it's a such dedicated work, something we'll never try to do again because of the time consuming effort it has required.

Space Evolutions 1.1 with its custom, unique patch assignements, is here to testify our love and care for sound design. Grab Space Evolutions 1.1 (now on digitalgoodsstore).

- Five categories, 56 instruments, 24 multis
- 944 mb, wave, 44.100 Khz - 24 bit
- 12 original field recordings

- All sounds carefully tuned (to C3)
- All instruments with custom Mod Wheel

- Each patch automated to morph on the fly
- Essential GUI, Four MIDI CC pre-assigned

CC 71 (LPF) - CC 74 (HPF) - CC 91 (Distortion) - CC 93 (Add FX to Mod Wheel, a special per-patch effects add on)
- Average CPU friendly

- Made for Kontakt 5.5.1 full version ONLY

(do NOT buy if you own Free Kontakt Player)

We recommend to experiment with all pre-assigned Mod Wheel and the Four knobs on your midi controller to fully enjoy the evolving, animated nature of Space Evolutions.

All sounds in the demos

come from SPACE EVOLUTIONS only 


We do not use any copy protections, since we do not believe any watermarks or serial numbers can stop pirates that want to kill our libraries. We are a small company and we live of this work, so... WE SIMPLY TRUST YOU.




BUY @ Kontakthub - £ 8.50


BUY @ synthmob - $ 13.50












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