FREE Caleidoscope (for Kontakt 5)

In the extraordinary time of a worldwide lockdown,

many musicians must stay at home.

Here's a free gift for all those who love

to make music in their home-studio. 
Nothing was better than the idea

to share something with you.

- You find Keys, Pads, Multis, Live Vocal Performances and Fields.
- All Keys turn to delicate lo-fi Pads with Mod Wheel.
- MW turns all Pads and Multis to rhytmic pulses.

- 1.2 Gb in total 
- 85 pristine samples (.ncw)
- 41 Pads
- 64 Multis
- 7 Live Vocal Performances
- 24 Keys
- 14 Field Recordings

- For Kontakt 5.8 Full Version Only

Soundethers – We Love Your Music

(April, 07, 2020)



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