The "Serum Field Project" is a huge collection of instruments and atmospheres based on field recordings, samples and wavetables, with subtle ever-evolving movements, entirely dedicated to producers and composers of ambient, soundtracks, underscores, film and game music, and anything else that may need narrative sounds, ready to be used, sculpted and manipulated.

From "Talis Ethers", a small yet deep soundset of instruments and pads, to "The Big Blue" a truly vast collection inspired by the sea life (and much more...), to "The Astral Body", the final stage of the project, made of carefully refined and categorized patches, you'll find many ready-to-go sounds and a lot of wavetables and samples, to endlessly create a lot more of your own sounds. 

It's hard to say about the whole content, since the "Serum Field Project" is so vast that it's a world on its own for you to explore. 

We collected field recordings in different locations (Italy, Norway, Germany), many of them featured as loops in the collection, and then blended them in layers with digital and analog sources to create the textural samples provided. The result is organic and unpredictable.

Just try to explore octaves and add the spacious Serum reverb or delay, and a quite common sound of our daily life will become a new world.

It's up to you to decide which story it tells. 


The "Serum Field Project" is a wide palette for your creativity. If you need deep, spacious, subtle, narrative and ever evolving original sounds, this huge collection is the perfect choice to create exactly the sound you are looking for.


Many of the sounds may appear low in volume at first: this was made intentionally, as a subtle underscore starting point, but you have plenty of room using both the Master volume and the Compressor (FX section) to make everything sound big...

We suggest to try what happens when you tweak Macros and Mod Wheel, often assigned with Reverb and Delay, but also to morph some of the sounds to otherwordly results.


Please, in the Global section of Serum, be sure to uncheck "Limit polyphony to one of any note number" and "Silence effect tail when host transport stops" to get the best results out of these sounds.

Tech Specs:

  • 272 sounds

  • 1.4+ Gb of samples

  • Mod Wheel assigned

  • All 4 Macros assigned (except in Talis Ethers)

  • Many original wavetables ready to be edited and re-used

  • You need Serum 1.214 to use these soundsets


  • Pulsing Instruments

  • Pads

  • Keys

  • Basses

  • Soundscapes

  • Textures

  • Field Recordings


Place the three folders "Talis Ethers", "The Big Blue" and “The Astral Body“ inside the "Preset" folder here:
on Mac: HD (not User)/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Presets/
on Windows: C:\Documents\Xfer\ Serum Presets\Presets\

Place the three folders "Talis Ethers", "The Big Blue" and “The Astral Body“ inside the “Noises“ folder here:
on Mac: HD (not User)/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Noises/
on Windows: C:\Documents\Xfer\ Serum Presets\Noises

We do not use any copy protections, since we do not believe any watermarks or serial numbers can stop pirates that want to kill our libraries. We are a small company and we live of this work, so... WE SIMPLY TRUST YOU.





A trailer with sounds from "Serum Field Project"

Listen on Soundcloud - "Serum Field Project"

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