GRANULAR MOON (for Kontakt 6)

  • “Granular Moon” is a work of dedication to explore ever-evolving sounds. One year in the making, it contains a huge number of atmospheres, pads, field recordings and an additional arp section.


  • All atmospheres and pads are assigned to Mod Wheel and become pulsing sounds, synced to your bpm, for the most flexible use as underscore textures.


  • The real core of “Granular Moon” is the Multis folder, here you will find the whole potential of these evolving sounds.


Tech Specs:

  • 250+ patches, divided in 5 categories, with Mod Wheel assigned to all sounds. 

  • 127 original samples (3.73 Gb) delivered in wave 48hz/24bit, ready to use in your favorite DAW too.

  • ATMOSPHERES (66) – evolving sounds with intervals - long samples (up to 4 minutes!!).

  • FIELD LOOPS (28) – raw environments recorded at hi-res in different locations.

  • MULTIS (91) – the real core folder of this library, explore it!

  • PADS (30) – tonal playable sounds - analog sources processed with granular synthesis.

  • ARPS (36) – additional unusual arps, made with the basic Kontakt arpeggiator script.

  • FULL DETAILED MANUAL, with infos and screenshots! 

  • The beautiful new "RepliKa Delay" of Kontakt 6 has been used in all Atmospheres and Pads: it's simply gorgeous, we hope you enjoy it!!


  • Very long samples are used (up to 4 minutes) in all categories, so let the “Granular Moon” sounds evolve over time for best atmospheric results.


  • “Granular Moon” is made for Kontakt 6 Full Version Only! (vers 6.0.2) (works in demo mode in the Free Kontakt Player, 15 min. only)

  • We do not use any copy protections, since we do not believe any watermarks or serial numbers can stop pirates that want to kill our libraries. We are a small company and we live of this work, so... WE SIMPLY TRUST YOU.





Demo by "Visions Of Dystopia"

Demo by "Soundethers"

Demo by "Elina Ungarova"

Demo by "Soundethers"